Tiger @ Ten

This is a welcoming social group hosted every fortnight at 10 o’clock on Tuesdays, in the church building. The group was set up as a fortnightly session and thrives today with a team and membership of about 90 people. We enjoy a very wide range of creative, cerebral, and physical activities and a daily short Christian talk. We know folks enjoy the freshly baked cakes and biscuits and of course cheese scones!

Who is a 'Senior'?

‘Seniors’ is our respectful term for people older than 65 years. This term includes the older people who are fit, busy and healthy, those living with health issues and those who are experiencing serious short- or long-term severe difficulties. It includes at least two generations of people: so it is a diverse part of our community and being over 65 years old is the shared factor.

Supporting residents and staff in local Residential Homes

Friends and relatives that we have known for decades now live in residential homes where they can receive more care and support and we have always tried to keep our connections with them. We at All Saints, together with members of the United Reform Church and the Evangelical Free Church Lindfield, have been involved with our local residential homes for many years. A rota of people from the churches faithfully share communion with groups of residents on a regular basis and host other activities.

Bereavement Support Team

Each year we hold a special service remembering those we have loved and lost and thanking God for their lives. Do contact the church office for the date and details of our next special service.

Bereavement Support Course

We can now offer regular opportunities to attend a six session course called ‘The Bereavement Journey’. This course has been established for many years by Holy Trinity Brompton and is supported by many different organisations including the Church of England. It consists of weekly video material and small group discussions. It is designed to help anyone who has experienced a bereavement either recently or many years ago, and assists each of us to process our own unique bereavement journey in a supportive small group. More information about this course can be found at

Bereavement Course

Dementia Awareness and Support

We are also developing our capacity to become a dementia friendly church and a small group meet regularly to pray for this area of education, care and support.


For any enquiries related to ministry among Seniors, please contact Jane Haughton, Seniors’ Pastor.