Baptisms and Thanksgivings

Baptism or thanksgiving for a child

Whether it’s your first or your third, this will be a very busy, exciting and tiring time for you! However, it is also a time when many parents want to give thanks to God for the arrival of their child, marking that occasion in a special way with family and friends.We offer a Service of Thanksgiving for the arrival of a new child, with the opportunity for subsequent Baptism at a later date. A member of the clergy will be able to talk through Thanksgiving and Baptism and the difference between the two services. All Baptisms and Thanksgivings are held during our normal 9.30am morning service.

Baptism of older children and Confirmation

It is not uncommon for older children (not previously baptised and usually under 5 years of age) to be baptised at the same time as their new baby brother or sister. Indeed, none of the children have to be babies as it might be, for instance, that a family wishes to express their new found faith in this traditional act of Christian witness to family, friends and community.

Baptism is an interim stage – awaiting the age where a young man or woman is ready to confirm that public affirmation of faith in Jesus Christ for themselves. Consequently, older children (who have not already been baptised) will often wait until they are ready to make their own declaration of faith in a Baptism Service, sometimes combined with a Confirmation Service, but more often than not a separate service on an occasion, before the Confirmation service.

Adult Baptism and New Life

The birth of a new life is one of the most joyous occasions imaginable. Jesus taught that this joyous new birth can happen twice in our lives – once at our natural birth and once as a spiritual rebirth. If anything, this second birth is even more exciting than the first and, of course, a time of great celebration for the church family. An adult, who has not been baptised as a child, will often want to mark their new birth by an act of adult baptism, possibly at a Baptism and Confirmation Service or even by being baptised by total immersion!

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For all enquiries about baptism and thanksgiving please contact Sarah Hagger in the Church Office.