Reading the Bible

Reading the Bible for the first time

The Word - one to oneIf you’ve not read the Bible before you’re in for a treat. Unlike other books, it’s not necessary to start at the beginning. We recommend starting with a gospel, a short biography of the life of Jesus Christ. They’re called Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. John is an especially good starting point if you’re new to Christianity and we recommend ‘The Word One to One’ as a great way to start reading.

Would you like to read the Bible with someone?

We’d love to link you up with someone to read the Bible – perhaps to take you through the first The Word – one to one book?

Daily Bible Reading

We believe that the Bible is God’s word and through it he speaks to us today. So it’s an amazing privilege to be able to pick up and read God’s word each day.

Reading the whole Bible

It may seem daunting, but reading the whole Bible is a great way to see the big picture of how God has worked throughout history.