Global Mission

Reaching out into the world

A picture of a miniature globe held in a handAll Saints supports both Mission Partners and Christian Agencies. Our Partners are typically individuals or families sent out from our own congregation to serve both in the UK and further afield. Christian agencies are organisations that are widely supported throughout our congregation prayerfully and financially that share our mission to make Jesus known throughout the world. Together we commit to regularly praying for these Partners and Agencies and also corporately provide practical and financial support if needed.

To help keep the church up to date, each Partner and Agency has a personal link with one or two members of the All Saints congregation who undertake to be the main representatives, co-ordinating support and prayer requests.

Here is a list of our current Mission Partners and Agencies:

Caminul Felix was born in 1992 in Oradea in the western part of Romania. After the fall of Nicolae Ceausescu in 1989 and the plight of tens of thousands of abandoned children was revealed to the world.

  • Please continue to pray for Caminul Felix as the seek to start working in Ukraine, pray the funds to purchase the land required. To build a new village to look after some of the orphaned and abandoned children left by the war.Pray for safety and wisdom for those who are visiting and working with the authorities.
  • Thank God for the nearly twenty people who will be giving up a week, to come to Romania in September, to help build a new home for a young couple. Please pray for the rest of the funds required to finish this project.
  • Thank God for the houseparents of Caminul Felix, who dedicate there lives to bring up a generation of orphan and abandoned children. Give them the strength, wisdom and patience as they show God’s love to children, who have had a very difficult start in life.

Ropeholder: Phil Hale

Prayer Points

July 2024
  • Please pray for the team of twenty going out to Caminul Felix in September. Thank God for all of those who have given up their week to go and help out in Caminul Felix. Please pray for safety as we work, for a fun and productive week. Pray that we may also be blessed as we seek to bless those around us.
  • Pray for all the children, young people and house parents as they go on holiday, that it may be a good time of refreshing and a time of making lasting memories.
  • Please pray for the leadership of Caminul Felix, as they seek to find a way to fund a shortfall of 8000 euros a month, brought on by the government raising the minimum wage unexpectedly.

Julian and Nicky Milson are passionate about sharing the good news of Jesus with Spanish people and training up disciples who can advance the gospel for generations to come. As of March 2018 they have lived and worked in Valencia, as Crosslinks Mission Partners. They have two children, Jemima and Theo.

It is estimated that just 1% of the population in Spain are evangelical Christians. Although 75% of Spaniards identify as Roman Catholic, this may reflect a sense of cultural identity rather than personal faith.

Julian is seconded to the IERE (Spanish Reformed Episcopal Church) as the Rector of  the ‘Iglesia de Jesucristo’ which is the only church in Valencia that is part of the Anglican Communion. Nicky is involved in various areas of ministry in the church, is learning Spanish and homeschools Jemima.

Before moving to Spain, the Milson’s lived in Hove where Julian was the vicar at Holy Cross Church for 11 years. Nicky served at Holy Cross in children’s ministry, youth work and music.

Please also visit the Milsons’ Crosslinks page for further information, to sign up to their newsletter and for the opportunity to give towards their work in Valencia: or visit their Facebook group for regular updates:

Ropeholders: Will & Beth Leonard

Prayer Points

June 2024

The Milsons are currently in the UK visiting family and some of their supporting churches:

  • Please pray for a good, albeit short time with their families this week as they touch base with them (they are all up in Cambridgeshire)
  • Pray for the Milsons’ church in Valencia – that the plans made for them being away will work and that the congregation will know God’s blessing on them
  • Pray for safe travelling for the Milsons as they journey around the UK for the next two months- they are visiting 6 churches in total, including one in Aberdeen.
  • Pray for the 4 of them as they juggle ‘life on the road’- that they get on with each other and trust in God’s riches.
  • Pray for energy please- the family have arrived in the UK having had no meaningful break since last summer and they are feeling tired.
  • They will be meeting so many people on this trip at all the churches (plus individual supporters)- please pray for mutual encouragement.


The long-standing links between All Saints and South Rwenzori in S.W. Uganda have been in existence since the mid 1980s when the South Rwenzori Diocese came into being. The diocese centres on the town of Kasese where the Rev. Canon Nason Baluku was consecrated and enthroned at St. Paul’s Cathedral in December 2020, becoming the 3rd Bishop of South Rwenzori.

Kagando Hospital

All Saints’ currently supports the Diocese through prayer and financial giving towards the education of theological students studying for ordination, and the training of part-time students studying to become lay readers.  Both clergy and lay-staff will go on to perform pastoral duties in the many parishes within the diocese.

The other focus of our prayer and giving is Kagando Hospital which began as a small mission hospital and has grown into a medical centre and teaching hospital with a strong gospel ministry.  The hospital plays a vital role within the Kagando Rural Development Centre (KARUDEC), aiming to proclaim the love of God by serving to improve the physical and spiritual well-being of the poor and disadvantaged people in the district.

St Peter's Cathedral
St Peter’s Cathedral

A number of people from a range of professional backgrounds have contributed their expertise to establish and maintain the growth and development which has occurred.  Among them have been many from All Saints’; most recently Peter and Heather Candy who for two years managed different projects within and around the hospital.  Currently Anna Kingdom is the treasurer for the charity, Friend of Kagando.

Find out more through and

Main contact: vacant

Prayer Points

June 2024

South Rwenzori Diocese  
A rural and volatile area of Uganda which lies on its border with the Democratic Republic of Congo.

  • Pray for the provision of the two hostels for the accommodation of girls and boys at St. Paul’s vocational secondary school
  • Pray for shelter and food provision for the Christians in the diocese that were affected by floods and mudslides during May.

Kagando Christian Hospital

  • In May there were terrible landslides in the Kasese area around Kagando caused by 12 hours of very heavy rain, pray for the families of those bereaved including three children in one family when their house collapsed under the force of the landslide
  • Pray for those who have been made homeless – at least 50 houses have been completely destroyed and many others damaged, and many crop fields have been devastated
  • Kagando Hospital has also been affected, experiencing shortage of water because the sources in the hills have been broken by landslides. Pray for the river’s water level to fall, so that works can be executed.

Our mission is to preach the Gospel, make disciples and plant churches among the unengaged and unreached people groups of India.

We have reached 60 villages for Jesus by planting churches and have more than twelve castes these churches.

Worship Halls are constructed in the villages and we support missionaries to share the love of Jesus, each pastoring and caring for 3-5 villages. Many are baptised each month. There are around 7000 people meeting to worship the Lord every week across all our villages. We educate 300 children in our Christian School which acts as a bridge to reach Hindu and Muslim parents and children.

We care for 30 orphans in our ‘House of Joy’, sharing Jesus’ love, providing good education, daily meals, clothes and medical care. We support and care for widows and help the destitute. Pastors receive training for evangelism, discipleship and church planting in four centres across the country. To find out more about this Mission and to receive regular newsletters and prayer needs please contact Ron & Janet Goodenough (Ropeholders).

Ropeholders: Ron & Janet Goodenough

Simon & Becky Lunt work in North-West London with the mission Operation Mobilisation. They are engaged in cross cultural outreach, particularly to people from the Middle East. For over 20 years they have been involved in a variety of approaches to ministry as they have worked with and through local churches.

Lunt FamilyAt present Simon is involved in friendship evangelism on a regular basis through visiting local Arabic cafes and shops. This is linked to an international church fellowship with believers and enquirers from many backgrounds. He is also involved in strategic networks of like-minded workers from different mission agencies both in the UK and Europe.
These networks help at many levels including; mutual support, building shared approaches to outreach and helping to equip the church.

Becky completed a 2-year distance learning degree course in Ministry and Mission to Families and Children through Cliff Bible College.  This has enabled her to reflect theologically on two decades of ministry, much of it focused towards women and children. She continues to meet with women and families from many parts of the Middle East as she seeks to share Christ with them or encourage them in their Christian faith.

They have three children; Josiah, Carys and Benjamin.

Ropeholder: Guy Rowland

Prayer Points

June 2024
  • Pray for a group of Iranians preparing for baptism at Oasis church in London.
  • Pray for Simon in his discipleship of young believers, giving thanks for each one in their desire to grow deeper in faith.
  • Pray for Becky in her Child Play Therapy ministry. Presently she is in one school for a full day on Thursdays. In mid-June this will increase through a new initiative through the Operation Mobilisation London centre on Tuesday mornings.
  • Pray for her vision to see refugee families welcomed and their children helped through Child Play Therapy.
  • Please pray for Carys as she finishes up a 10 week Bible College course at Capernwray. It’s been a wonderful time of learning and spiritual growth. In September she expects to be going to the Arts University Bournemouth to study creative writing.

Wendy Gerster is a long term missionary with OMF, having previously served as a church-planter in Japan for many years. All Saints has partnered with Wendy and Hans-Ueli since 1985. In 2009 the Gersters returned to Switzerland, where they led the only Japanese Church there for a few years. In 2018 Hans-Ueli went home to Jesus after a long illness, during which time Wendy was his main carer.

Wendy GersterWendy is now full-time again with OMF in Switzerland. Her work consists of two main areas:

  •  sharing with the Church what God is doing in the world and the need for more workers
  •  ministering to foreigners in Switzerland in Jesus` Name, both practically and spiritually.

Ropeholder: David Clark

Prayer Points

July 2024

Thanks and prayer:

  • A Turkish man at the foodbank borrowed three Christian books in his own language – one on apologetics, one explaining the Gospel, and one containing testimonies of Turkish Christians. Pray he and his wife understand and respond to the Truth.
  • May God show me whose hearts are open amongst the many refugees I know.
  • Pray for wisdom about putting on an event for Turkish speakers from the food distribution in order to show them the Jesus film and link interested people with someone who can help them further.
  • It´s taken some time, but finally I am picking up speed again after my time out and finding some opportunities to share God´s heart for the world in different church groups.
  • From 29/7-12/8 a young Japanese woman who is a fairly new believer (whom I´ve not yet met!) will come and stay with me. Pray I can be of help to her in any way she needs.



Ian and Anne-Marie serve with OMF International. After 35 years in East Asia (Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam) based in Lindfield, with a focus on diaspora people.

OMF is focused on the peoples of East Asia.  As well as those living in East Asia, this includes East Asians who have migrated to other parts of the world (diaspora), some just for a few years, some to stay permanently. Ian and Anne-Marie are also seconded to Global Connections as volunteers, one to two days a week, concerned for diaspora related ministries.

Prayer Points

May 2024


  • Pray for Ian in Japan, he flew on Thursday, May 16 and is leading the Beyond Borders Steering Group’s annual face to face meeting (May 18-21).  He then speaks at a Seminary and Christian University and has some other meetings before returning to the UK on May 28th. This is all part of his role as Beyond Borders Champion: encouraging OMF centres to engage with East Asians outside their home country, whether Vietnamese in Japan, Japanese in the UK, Thai in Canada, etc.
  • Soon after he returns he will have radiotherapy for his brain tumour: daily, Monday to Friday from June 5th to July 12th. Pray that he will tolerate the radiotherapy well and that it will be effective in knocking back the tumour. We are thankful for those from the church who have offered to help with transport.
  • Give thanks that the son of the author of a booklet on God’s love gave permission to go ahead and publish. Anne-Marie has been working with others towards this for two years! We pray it would be a resource in Japanese and Vietnamese for Japanese Christians to use with the 500,000 Vietnamese who are in Japan. Please pray he would put this in writing as he said he would.
  • Give thanks too for the exciting opportunity Ian has had to be part of developing a group to support a project in East Asia that had been on hold until recently following Covid and political changes.
  • Pray for the mentoring relationships that came out of the Leaders Developing Leaders programme that Ian and Anne-Marie were part of in Switzerland last September. Ian will meet with his mentee while in Japan.
  • Pray for Ian as he teaches for two mornings on the En Route Course for those preparing to serve cross culturally at All Nations on 17th June (in person) and 18th June on Zoom.
  • Pray as Anne-Marie seeks to support and encourage various Vietnamese at different stages on their Christian journey.
  • Ian and Anne-Marie’s second son Michael and his family will visit from the US at the end of July. Pray for our time together and for opportunities to meet up with different family members while they are here.
  • Pray for one more person to help on the youth team for the OMF Conference (Returnee Focus – new name for Diaspora Returnee Ministries) in Shropshire on 10th-14th August.



A well respected organisation supporting the persecuted church around the world. Open Doors works in over 50 countries, supplying Bibles, training church leaders, providing practical support and emergency relief, and supporting Christians who suffer for their faith.

In the UK and Ireland  Open Doors works to raise awareness of global persecution, mobilising prayer, support and action among Christians, the government  and with the United Nations globally.

For more infomation:

Main contacts: Ron and Janet Goodenough

Prayer Points

July 2024

This week we concentrate on three countries where there is severe persecution:

Iran;  several Christians in Iran have been given long prison sentences in the last month, one received a fifteen-year term, others five to ten years.

  • Pray; that they will feel upheld by God’s strength and comfort and continue to share their faith in these harsh conditions.
  • Pray; that their families will be surrounded and sustained by the Holy Spirit’s comforting presence
  • Thank God; that in spite of the persecution the church continues to grow

Afghanistan; since the Taliban took over the country in 2021 life has been more difficult and dangerous for Christians who have to keep their faith very secret. If discovered they may be killed or tortured into giving information about fellow believers.

  •  Pray; that secret believers will be strengthened and protected
  • Pray; that God will touch the hearts of Taliban leaders and other extremists who oppress Christians

China; Christians in China are facing increasing persecution from repressive laws and intrusive surveillance by the Communist authorities.  Children under 18 are forbidden from attending church

  •  Pray; for the protection and flourishing of House Churches
  • Pray; that Christians will be given wisdom and boldness as they navigate challenges on a daily basis
  • Pray; for parents as they teach their children about the Christian faith

You can sign up on the Open Doors website ( to receive regular up-to-date news. Plus there is always more information on the mission display at the back of the church

Ron & Janet Goodenough – Ropeholders

Jonny and Olga Anderson are working with Serving in Mission to share the gospel with the Quechua native people.

They have worked since 2010 with the Quechua communities on the edge of the city of Sucre. Their focus is on teaching Christ to Christians and non-Christians alike using stories that work well orally and can be easily passed onto others. They are using a variety of Bible teaching methods to help church leaders and youth groups to reach others for Jesus.

They have three children, Jonah, Joanna and Joel, who are all at boarding schools in the UK.

Ropeholders: Dave Nicholls

Prayer Points

May 2024


  • For Jonny and Sergio a local pastor who are currently travelling together in the South of Bolivia visiting nearly a dozen countryside churches over a fortnight spending a day or two at each
  • For Jonny’s teaching from the books of 1&2 Samuel, linking the kingship of David in the Old Testament with the present reign of Our Lord Jesus.
  • For Jonny’s regular training of preachers and pastors when he returns from the trip on 13 May
  • For Olga to see progress with the training that she leads for the team of Sunday School teachers.


  • For the encouragement of seeing Julio’s commitment to teaching the children at the Temple of Faith Church.
  • For getting to spend time over Easter with their children in Bolivia.

 Any questions should be directed to Dave Nicholls, whilst there is a monthly Anderson newsletter (sent via email) that people can sign up to receive.

SGP exists to support, develop and encourage the work of the Gospel through evangelical Churches in Sussex.

This includes strengthening and planting churches, teaching leaders and organising bible training courses attended by various churches including All Saints. Find out more about SGP at

Main contact: Pam Orna-Ornstein

Prayer Points

May 2024
  • Pray for godly leadership. For the Steering Group to have wisdom, faith and vision as they meet, and also for the staff team to know joy and encouragement in their work and God’s help and wisdom in all they do for Him
  • Pray for a good finish to the summer term for the training courses. Pray that the teaching given will serve as a good foundation for further training and for future ministry.
  • Pray also for the planning and preparation of the different courses that will begin in September, and for those who are considering applying for them.
  • Finally pray for increased co-operation between the individual churches in the Partnership, both for mutual encouragement and support, and also to help them reach out to their communities more effectively.

Tearfund is a Christian relief and development agency committed to eradicating poverty.

Tearfund’s call over the last 50 years has remained constant: “to follow our biblical mandate to see people lifted out of material and spiritual poverty.” Its work in 50 countries around the world focuses on three core areas: church and community transformation, fragile states, and environmental and economic sustainability. Find out more about Tearfund at

Main contact: Sarah Newnham and Richard Painter

Prayer Points

July 2024

Tearfund is a Christian charity which partners with churches in more than 50 of the world’s poorest countries. Here are just a few of their prayer needs:  

  • Praise God for a safe trip to Pakistan for Sarah Newnham evaluating the flood response programme after the 2022 floods.  As the rainy season starts again this month, after an extreme heatwave, severe flooding is anticipated again.  Pray that rains would not create floods and devastation.  Pray for the protection of people and crops, comfort those feeling fearful when it rains.
  • Pray for the families of two Tearfund staff members who were killed in an attack on their vehicle in DR Congo recently.  Pray that they may feel God’s presence and know God as their comfort and refuge while they mourn their loved ones.  Pray for the remaining 12 people who were caught up in the attack. Thank God that they have returned home safely, and pray for their continued recovery.  Pray for the rest of the Tearfund staff team  as they cope with this tragedy personally, professionally, and work hard to support the staff and families affected.
  • Isaac was one of over 4 million people who had to flee their homes in South Sudan to neighbouring Uganda because of ongoing conflict.  In 2020, he returned to find his house had been burnt down. With nowhere to turn, Isaac made his way to church. He was given food, accommodation, counselling and a new start through Tearfund’s Church and Community Transformation programme (CCT), being implemented through the local church.  ‘One of the things I learnt is that God provided us with resources in creation. The money I get from selling fruit helps to pay for my children to go to school. The church gave me the courage to forget about the horrors of the past and focus on starting a new chapter.’   Pray for Isaac and others like him going through the Transforming Communities programme in their local churches, that they would be able to rebuild their lives and find hope for their futures.


Anika is working with Sussex and Brighton Christian Unions as a Staff Worker to equip and encourage the students to share their faith with their friends and peers at university. She loves the work that God has called her to do and is always excited to see what he will do next.

Anika HuibersDuring Anika’s time at the University of Sussex studying a BSc Zoology degree, she joined the CU as an atheist. Through the CU, she learned more about Jesus, got plugged into a church, and eventually came to saving faith in the Lord. Since then, she has completed a year-long discipleship and training programme with UCCF called ‘Relay’, where her passion for mission on university campuses grew. Anika sees that there is an immense value in sharing the gospel to this age group, since individuals are most open and receptive to the gospel at this stage of life and can go on to bring the gospel into their future workplaces.

Anika’s UCCF page

Prayer Points

May 2024

Anika is the UCCF worker on the three Sussex University Campuses.  Her main role is encouraging and supporting the Christian Union Committees and helping with the planning of events.

  • Praise God for the events that took place over the Easter period
  • Praise God for students who came to faith during the Sussex Events Week
  • Pray that the new Christians will be discipled and grow in their faith
  • Pray for all the other people who heard the gospel during the events that the seed will continue to bear fruit
  • Pray that the new committees would be guided by the Holy Spirit as they start planning the year ahead
  • Pray that God would use them to reach students with the good news of the gospel, and to bring them to salvation

For Anika personally:

  • Praise God that she continues to love her job more and more with every passing day
  • Pray as she comes to the end of a busy period that she would seize the opportunity to spend more time with God and be refreshed

I have been serving with Youth With A Mission since 2001 - committed to young missionaries and to seeing the nations transformed by the love of Jesus.

Since that time I have travelled all around the world with God showing me so much of His character and how much he wants me to see.  I believe that God wants to restore us all to how He originally designed us – redeemed by Jesus. Throughout my time in YWAM I have had a wide range of experiences – teaching teenagers in the Cape Flats of South Africa, leading a delegation to the UN AIDS meetings in New York, leading & training missionary trainees, enabling outreach during the 2012 Olympics, exhibiting pieces of art in Brighton and counselling young women due to unplanned pregnancy or a diagnosis of HIV/AIDS.

In October 2018 after 5 years of prayer & exploration, I moved to Thanet, Kent to begin pioneering a new YWAM community under the umbrella of YWAM Holmsted Ministries.  My ministry areas are mercy; art & creativity; government & justice; spirituality and discipleship.

Due to the sensitive nature of some of my work, and to honour and respect those I connect with I’d rather share stories over a cuppa – please connect with my rope-holders or follow YWAM in Thanet on Facebook or Instagram.  If you’d like to support my ministry please follow this link.

Prayer Points

June 2024
  • A man who was in our English class, was recently moved to the Bibby Stockholm barge. The move was very traumatic for him. We still have contact with him and hope to visit him soon.
  • Over half-term, we did a three day pilgrimage walk, The Way of St Augustine. We were joined by four teenagers and two adults; the times of biblical reflection, learning about early missions and Christianity in the UK had a big impact on the whole group.
  • Lucy recently gave the gospel of Luke (in Arabic) to one of the women that we have been working with for a long time. She has come to church several times and regularly asks for prayer for some of the challenges in her life.
  • Property: We still don’t have a clear time for when we would have to find a new “hub” (office with space for worship, meetings & prayer). The date for when we would need to vacate our existing office keeps being pushed back.
  • Please pray for our team member Ashley as she heads to the USA in a few weeks to have time with family, her supporters and prepare to apply for her next visa.
Here is a list of organisations we support:

In addition to our support of Mission Partners and Agencies there are some additional organisations which we support by way of subscriptions or gifts.

Church Society is fellowship contending to reform and renew the Church of England in biblical faith. All Saints is a partner church and the Church Society Trust also acts as Patron for us.

Crawley Open House provides support and services for those suffering the effects of homelessness, unemployment, loneliness, discrimination, or other forms of social exclusion. In 2023 our Christmas Collections were given in aid of Crawley Open House.

All Saints is a member of the Evangelical Alliance who are an alliance of evangelicals “sharing the gospel, lifting voices of hope, and building unity.” The Evangelical Alliance exists to serve and strengthen the UK church.

Mental health crises in leadership: let's talk about it

Mental health crises in leadership: let’s talk about it

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Thinking faithfully about politics

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The Public Leader programme: taster session

The Public Leader programme: taster session

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Tuesday 21 May 2024

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Keep up with the Evangelical Alliance in Scotland

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Keep up with the Evangelical Alliance in Wales

Around the Evangelical Alliance

Find out more about what we’re up to and what’s happening across the UK

Press centre

Press centre

Public announcements, press releases and resources for journalists and the media Find out more



Check out opportunities to serve at the Evangelical Alliance Explore our vacancies

Public Leadership

Public Leadership

Supporting Christian public leaders in every walk of life – equipping you to seek transformation wherever God has placed you Find out more

One People Commission

One People Commission

Uniting the ethnically and culturally diverse church, in all its vibrant expressions Find out more



Check out and book now for our latest events Find out what’s coming up

Safeguarding policy

Safeguarding policy

Read the Evangelical Alliance’s policy on safeguarding Find out more

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Good news people

Good news people

Check out our brand new research on evangelicals in Northern Ireland Find out more

One People Commission and South Asian Forum celebration event

One People Commission and South Asian Forum celebration event

Celebrating 10 years of unity and diversity in the UK evangelical church between 2013-2023 and honouring the legacy of the late Rev Dr Joel Edwards.

Tuesday 12 December 2023

Past event

Time to Talk

Time to Talk

RESOURCE: Better conversations about Relationship and Sex Education, a guide for parents and carers Find out more

The Best of Friends book

The Best of Friends book

Full of practical advice and wisdom, Phil Knox explores how to cherish and celebrate the most important relationships in your life, and be the best friend you can be.



A podcast on life, faith, and what comes next for the church, hosted by Fred Drummond Listen now

Stories of Hope: addiction recovery

Stories of Hope: addiction recovery

This report highlights the magnitude of work by Christians and churches to tackle addiction across Scotland Find out more


Together making Jesus known

FSW works to support families overcome difficult periods in their lives offering information on benefits, housing problems, advocacy, and health and education issues including domestic abuse.

Our free and confidential support is offered to parents/carers and their children in many areas of East and West Sussex, including Brighton & Hove. This includes anyone who has the responsibility for the care of children, whether they are single, separated, divorced, bereaved or grandparents.

Our Family Support Workers arrange group activities involving parents alone as well as families. These are varied and depend on the needs and circumstances of those involved. They may include activities such as lunch clubs, where health and nutritional ideas can be absorbed; parenting; education work; a Time Out group for parents alone facing issues of school exclusion have all featured in the last twelve months; holidays for families at a highly subsidised rate are also organised by the workers; a free swapshop with clothes and toys donated by Association supporters adds to the development of mutual support among parents and families.

Find out more about FSW at

Main contact: Victoria Donougher

Speak Life, based in Eastbourne but reaching out across the world, aim to re-evangelise church and world through captivating, Christ-centred communication.

They produce the 321 Course and we were pleased to support their Christmas appeal in 2023.

The Haven is a safe place – offering free, non-directive and confidential information and support to women and men living in Mid Sussex.