Staff Team

At All Saints we are blessed by a dedicated staff team who lead our areas of ministry. Their job is not to do everything, but to lead and equip the whole church family to serve together.

Steve Nichols

Day off: Friday
Hugh Bourne

Hugh Bourne

Associate Vicar
Day off: Friday

Ben Lucas

Associate Vicar
Day off: Saturday
Chris Steynor

Chris Steynor

Associate Minister for Music
Day off: Tuesday

Janine Bending

Children's Pastor
Day off: Friday

Antonia Easley

Women's Pastor
Part-time (20 hours)

Jane Haughton

Seniors' Pastor
Part-time (15 hours)

Sarah Hagger

Church Manager
Day off: Wednesday

Ashley Bence

Facilities Manager
Works Mon-Fri

Rachel Nibloe

Additional Needs Coordinator
Part-time (8 hours)

Dan Cheesmur

Ministry Trainee
Voluntary Training Role

Maria Emmerton

Church Accountant
Part-time (15 hours)

Mandy Fisk

Tiger Cleaner

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