Seasons of Change

Over the coming months we will be launching a number of resources produced by women at All Saints to help encourage the whole church family. Initially we will be focusing on the theme of change – growing through God’s faithfulness in every chapter.

Stephanie’s Story  (July 2023)

We’re grateful to Stephanie Tuddenham that she has shared some of the ways God has been helping her adjust to a big change in her health. She hopes that others who face change in their health and capacity will be encouraged, and that all of us will be reminded to stand faithfully by those who may be out of sight due to long term illness.

Beckie, Sandra and Luci  (February 2023)

It’s a joy when our church family grows as new people join us. We love the sense of vibrancy and excitement. But have you ever stopped to think what a big change it is for those people coming along? Bekie, Sandra and Luci are all new to our church family over the last two years. They represent different stages of life and have different challenges as they seek to integrate. I asked them questions to draw out their experiences, wisdom and longings. Do read and be encouraged. But also, be challenged and pray that our church family will be a place of warm welcome where people are drawn to the core of our family life around Jesus.

Diane’s Story (May 2022)

Carol’s Story (April 2022)

Carol is married to Robin, and they have three grown up boys. Having recently retired from a teaching career, she’s been reflecting on the changes she’s experienced and the things God has been teaching her.

Patsy’s Story (March 2022)

Chrissy’s Story (February 2022)

Chrissy is married to Mark and they have two children, Ethan and Seth. She is a part time teaching assistant and has been coming to All Saints for eight years. Chrissy shares with us here how God has helped her through the experience of losing both her parents in a short space of time.