Pastoral Care 

We are especially aware that the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic may result in greater pastoral needs across the church family. We are also mindful of the hole in pastoral care left with James Clarke's retirement. With those factors in mind we are keen to promote and encourage pastoral care across the whole church family at this time. Please take time to read the document below:

Pastoral Care Update - November 2020 (PDF)


Isaiah 40 MeditationComfort my People  -  March 2021

God loves to speak words of comfort to his people. Isaiah chapter 40 is one part of the Bible where he does this most clearly. Antonia Easley has put together a series of short meditations on this chapter to help us know and experience God's comfort and care. 

Connect Groups

These small groups are the backbone of pastoral life the church where mutual care and practical support is offered. The church can feel big when we gather on a Sunday, but these groups can help us to feel more connected. Find out more about Connect Groups.

Supporting one Another

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, much of the regular pattern of pastoral care has been disrupted; visits to homes and hospital, the giving of communion at home, midweek groups and Sunday services have all been disrupted. Keeping in touch with one another is so vital at this time whether by phone, WhatsApp, email or a doorstep visit. Please consider who you could call today to encourage and pray for them...

Pastoral Team

The team meets weekly to pray for those in particular need or requiring additional support.
The team includes; Rev. Hugh Bourne, Carrie Britton, Antonia Easley, Lyn Hoyles and Rev. Stuart Silk. 


Please do make contact with the pastoral team; either directly, via the church office, or using the pastoral line answer phone for non-urgent voice messages - 01444 487540.

Hugh Bourne, 17/11/2020