Caring for God's Creation 

When God saw all he had created, he called it “very good”. Our world is wonderful, but in lots of ways it’s become spoilt and broken. In recent years a number of local Christians haven taken up the cause of Fairtrade - an initiative which seeks trade justice, decent working conditions and fair terms for farmers and workers in the developing world. In the last two years, thanks to their efforts, Lindfield Village and All Saints Church have become accredited Fairtrade groups.

09 - ball-shaped-blur-close-upAs we've become more aware of the urgency to care for our planet and its climate various new initiatives have begun. Look out for events in the church and wider community which seek to raise awareness about climate change and sustainable living - this is the result of Christians putting their faith into action to love their neighbours - “Love does no harm to a neighbour” - Romans 13:10.

'Caring for God's Creation' is an initiative at All Saints to help put our faith into action in this important area which affects all of our lives.

Creation Care

An interview and talk by Ruth Bushyager, Bishop of Horsham, at All Saints Lindfield - Sunday 11th July, 2021.

A webinar with Ruth Bushyager, Bishop of Horsham, to launch Creation Care UK.


Church and Climate

Listen again to this talk by Dr. Ruth Valerio from Tuesday 2nd February at 8pm.

God in the Pandemic

Listen to Ruth Valerio's reflections on the current pandemic:

Saying Yes to Life
‘Saying Yes to Life’ – talk by Dr Ruth Valerio

Unfortunately we had to postpone Ruth's visit to All Saints, however you can watch below a similar talk given by Ruth at St. Paul's Cathedral earlier this year.