Every six years the Electoral Roll - the membership list - of every parish Church in England lapses and has to be revised from scratch. 2019 is such a year and therefore we produced a brand new Electoral Roll before our Annual Parochial Church Meeting on 29th April.
This revision is a good thing - it enables us to keep our record of church members up to date and gives us an opportunity to emphasise the benefits and responsibilities of church membership. If you would like to Join our Electoral Roll the attached form explains the qualifications you need to meet. Please complete the form and hand it in to a church leader or pop it in The Tiger letterbox on the High Street.

At All Saints we operate a scheme of what we call “Covenant membership” which is described in more detail in the following pages. Naturally, we want to make people feel warmly welcomed into our church fellowship, but we want those who become members to know from the outset what the respective responsibilities and privileges of church membership are.
We hope that you will want to join us. We are by no means a perfect church - but we are working, by God’s grace, to grow together each day in faith, hope and love. I hope you will want to identify with us and join us.All saints church electoral roll 

Electoral Roll form (pdf) 

Revision of the Church Electoral Roll 2019 (pdf)