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UCCF - Oli Butler

Oli ButlerGrowing up in Kent, Oli first came to understand the message of Jesus Christ as a young teenager, when his grandmother encouraged him to start going along to a local church youth group.
Though his journey began with many questions, he recognised God's call on him to repentance and faith, and committed his life to Christ. Sometime later, in his gap year, Oli went to Latin America where he helped construct churches, was involved in various ministries and helped serve the local community with his team.
Oli moved to Brighton after his gap year and studied Philosophy at the University of Sussex. He found university to be a very exciting environment where he enjoyed being challenged intellectually and engaging with many students who were open to talking about the claims of Jesus. He was an active member of his Christian Union, seeking to challenge non-Christians' assumptions about Christianity in conversation and willing to defend key tenets of the faith such as the truth of the resurrection in a public debate.
Since university, Oli has worked for two very different churches; one small and without its own building in Brighton, the other, large and well established in Tunbridge Wells. He also spent two years teaching English in Madrid, Spain.
Oli likes to spend his free time playing basketball, speaking Spanish, reading philosophy and fiction, and meeting friends.
Work as a Staff Worker with UCCF
Oli works with three Christian Unions (CUs) on three different university campuses, Sussex, Brighton and Eastbourne. The aim of the CUs is to give every student the opportunity to hear and respond to gospel of Jesus Christ and Oli supports them in this by providing evangelism and apologetics training, reading the Bible one-to-one with members of the committees, giving evangelistic talks, and ensuring good relationships between the local churches and the CUs.

Oli's Prayer Letters:
April 2019 (14.1MB)
September 2018 (1.2MB)
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All Saints is an anglican church with a strong evangelical tradition serving the parish of Lindfield in the Diocese of Chichester in West Sussex. 

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