Pray for Ian and Anne-Marie Prescott

  • Give thanks for the many new churches in the UK formed by Christians from other parts of the world that have come to live here – including Nigerian, Korean, Brazilian, Chinese, Nepali and many others.
  • Pray for Christians in the UK who are reaching out to those who come to the UK – whether short-term or permanently – from countries where there are few Christians or where they are much harder to reach.
  • Give thanks for the Churches Welcome Hong Kong initiative: helping churches to be ready to welcome those from Hong Kong who are taking up the government’s offer to settle in the UK.
  • Pray for Ian and Anne-Marie balancing two roles, one with Global Connections focused on the Diaspora in the UK, and one with OMF focused on how OMF can contribute to reaching the Vietnamese Diaspora around the world.
  • Give thanks that Ian is making a good recovery from surgery to remove some redundant parts just over two weeks ago.
  • Pray for the ability to make good connections and build new relationships over Zoom
March 2021