Wendy Gerster Wendy Portrait 2019

Wendy Gerster is a long term missionary with OMF, having previously served as a church-planter in Japan for many years. All Saints has partnered with Wendy and Hans-Ueli since 1985. 
In 2009 the Gersters returned to Switzerland, where they led the only Japanese Church there for a few years. In 2018 Hans-Ueli went home to Jesus after a long illness, during which time Wendy was his main carer.

Wendy is now full-time again with OMF in Switzerland. Her work consists of two main areas: 

  • sharing with the Church what God is doing in the world and the need for more workers
  • ministering to foreigners in Switzerland in Jesus` Name, both practically and spiritually.

Chief Ropeholders: David and Clare Clark  

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