Diocese of South Rwenzori and Kagando Hospital, Uganda 

St Pauls Cathedral, KaseseAll Saints’ has supported South Rwenzori Diocese in SW Uganda throughout the 30+ years of its existence. The Diocese is centred on the town of Kasese, the ninth largest town in Uganda, and encompasses the Kagando Rural Development Centre (KARUDEC), with Kagando Hospital lying at its heart. 
Bishop Jackson Nzerebende is currently Bishop of South Rwenzori. St Paul’s Cathedral (above) has been built over many years  as funds have allowed, with young people from All Saints’ laying some of the early bricks in 1999.
All Saints’ currently provides financial support to the Diocese by supporting the education and training of clergy and lay staff.

  • Theological students studying for ordination at Uganda Christian University.  
  • Part-time students studying for two years at Kisinga Divinity College to become lay readers who will go on to perform pastoral duties in some of the 500 parishes within the diocese.
Another aspect of the work of the Diocese which All Saints’ supports is that provided by Kagando Hospital and its associated projects which lie within KARUDEC.  Its mission is to proclaim the love of God by engaging in activities aimed at improving the physical and spiritual well-being of the poor and disadvantaged people in the district.  
As well as contributing as a church to the financial needs of the hospital, a number of individuals from All Saints have contributed their expertise; most recently Peter and Heather Candy who for two years managed different projects within and around the hospital.  Currently our closest links with KARUDEC are through Dr. Rob and Jen Morris: Dr Rob Morris being the Director of Friends of Kagando as well as serving as Deputy Director of medicine at Kagando Hospital.
 Chapel at Kagando
For more information: www.southrd.orgwww.friendsofkagando.org.uk
Main Contact: Sarah Beeston