Simon and Becky Lunt 

Simon  Becky Lunt - family PhoSimon & Becky Lunt work in north west London with the mission Operation Mobilisation. They are engaged in cross cultural outreach, particularly to people from the Middle East. For over 20 years they have been involved in a variety of approaches to ministry as they have worked with and through local churches.
At present Simon is involved in friendship evangelism on a regular basis through visiting local Arabic cafes and shops. This is linked to an international church fellowship with believers and enquirers from many backgrounds. He is also involved in strategic networks of like-minded workers from different mission agencies both in the UK and Europe.
These networks help at many levels including; mutual support, building shared approaches to outreach and helping to equip the church.
Becky is in the process of completeing her 2 year distance learning degree course in Ministry and Mission to Families and Children through Cliff Bible College.  This has enabled her to reflect theologically on two decades of ministry, much of it focused towards women and children.
She continues to meet with women and families from many parts of the Middle East as she seeks to share Christ with them or encourage them in their Christian faith.
They have three children; Josiah is sitting GCSE's now, Carys has started secondary school and Benjamin will follow in Autumn 2018.

Chief Ropeholder: Guy Rowland 

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