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Congratulations and a warm welcome to you if you are thinking about being married at All Saints.

We will do our best to make your wedding day memorable for you, your family and your friends. This will be a very exciting time for both of you with many things to think about and plan. However, it is sensible to start with location and date so your first questions are likely to be :

Can we get married at All Saints? 
Which dates and times are available?
Why get married at All Saints?
Is there a Marriage Preparation Course?
What will it cost? 

Can we get married at All Saints?
The vicar has a legal responsibility to be satisfied that you can lawfully marry in the parish before any arrangements can be fixed. To make this process as quick and simple as possible, it is best to telephone the Church Office (01444 482405). There are four questions about you as a couple that will need to be clarified:
  1. Whether you are so closely related to each other that the law does not permit you to marry. You will need to certify that this is not the case.
  2. Whether either of you is not a UK National. Special issues arise in this situation and these need to be considered before further progress can be made.
  3. Whether either of you is qualified to be married at All Saints. Qualification comes by virtue either of being a resident in the parish; or of being on the church electoral roll; or of having close family links with the parish.
  4. Whether either of you has been married before and your former husband or wife is still alive. In this case an interview with the Vicar will be necessary before any arrangements can be made.

Once these issues have been clarified we will send you a booklet with further information and ask you to arrange an appointment with the Assistant Church Manager and one of the clergy. At this meeting all the arrangements for the wedding service can be discussed and any questions that you have can be raised.
Which dates and times are available? 
Around 30 weddings a year take place at All Saints Lindfield; most of them on Saturdays in the Spring and Summer months (generally not on a Sunday), though they can be on any day and at any time of year. The earlier you make your arrangements, the more likely it is that a particular date will be available. It would be unwise to book the reception without first checking on availability of the church. Please contact the Tiger Church Office for an initial idea of available dates - this can then be firmed up at your meeting.
Why get married at All Saints?
All Saints is a beautiful church building, set in the picturesque village of Lindfield, making the perfect location for a traditional wedding. Our recent refurbishment has made the building a warm, comfortable and flexible venue for ceremonies of various sizes. A team of dedicated clergy and administrators will help you to plan your big day, and our supporting team of vergers, organists, choir, flower arrangers and bell ringers give you lots of options to make your wedding special and unique.

However there are certain other important distinctions which make a church wedding different to a civil service in a registry office or other licensed venue. Here's three things which we believe about marriage which might see us take a different approach to a wedding:
  • We believe that marriage is a gift from God; a gift which celebrates joy and love, a gift which helps us care for one another - especially children, and a gift which helps to build and strengthen our communities, so we want to help you celebrate.
  • We believe that there is a certain solemnness and seriousness to marriage, the lifelong vows taken and promises made are hugely important, so we treat marriage with reverence and respect.
  • We believe that marriage works best when God is 'at the centre' - the Bible tells us that 'love comes from God', he gives us the love to be faithful and sacrificial in our marriages. To that end, we will pray for you, include a Bible reading and short talk in the service, and help you to consider God's love as you prepare for marriage.

Is there a Marriage Preparation Course?
Yes, if your wedding is taking place at All Saints, we want to prepare you not just for the day itself, but for your marriage relationship, so attending our marriage preparation course is part of the deal. The course is called “Marriage in Mind” and it takes place normally on a Saturday in late February/ early March each year. A simple buffet lunch is provided. The day is led by a team of lay people, members of All Saints, who have many years of marriage between them.
What will it cost?
A great deal less than the reception! The fee for a wedding in 2020 is £592. There are additional charges for having the church bells, for special flowers and for providing an organist or a choir.

For more general information about weddings in church, please visit the 'Your Church Wedding' website.



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Chatting over tea and coffee
Are you new to the church or the area? If so, you are very welcome! Please do check out our New to Church page to make contact with us.

At All Saints Lindfield we try to cater for people of all ages, from the very youngest child to the oldest adult. We have a range of Sunday services and midweek activities which aims to encourage people with different needs and at different stages of life. 

Our highest priority is to equip, encourage and build up mature and effective Christians who will be examples of Christ-like living. We therefore place a high emphasis on prayer, worship and Bible teaching.

We hope very much that you will join us!

Rev. Dr. Steve Nichols, Vicar


Who we are

All Saints is an anglican church with a strong evangelical tradition serving the parish of Lindfield in the Diocese of Chichester in West Sussex. 

Although we are a local church, we are also committed to supporting God's work further afield - through the Sussex Gospel Partnership and through our many mission partners who are involved in mission work in this country and across the world.

Hugh LeadingOur aim is to be a welcoming Christian community, embodying as well as proclaiming the gospel of God. 
Our belief as a church is grounded in the teaching of the Bible, the inspired Word of God. We joyfully acknowledge Jesus as our Saviour and try to follow him day-to-day as our Lord. We are not a perfect church, but we are trying, by God's grace, to grow in faith, hope and love each day. Our aim, therefore, is to be a disciple-making church, building up and growing mature followers of Christ who will be his witnesses in the world.