ASPIRE - All Saints Church Development Project

Repairing, re-ordering and revitalising our buildings as we plan for growth

Following the launch in March 2013 the Church Development Project is still moving along. Latest News here:

Aspire Update No.2 (386.8KB) 20/04/2017
Aspire update No.1 (455.2KB) 12/04/2017

On the 11th June 2017 we held an Aspire vision day, you can listen here:

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We have called the project ASPIRE because we aspire to repair, renew, refurbish and extend our buildings to meet the needs of current and future generations. The various works are taking place between now and the end of 2018. 
The current phase is the re-ordering of the church, including removal of pews, redevelopment of the vestries to include an accessible toilet, multi-use room and flower preparation and utility area. 
Please feel free to also use the form below to send any questions or comments and it will be forwarded to the ASPIRE Steering Group to respond.

 The provisional plan to the church includes the following elements:

  • Improved entrance at the south porch, together with new enhanced entrance at the west door.
  • A new purpose-designed and moveable central dais area for leading worship.
  • Renewal and lightening of the floor.
  • Repair treatment to stained glass windows and redecoration throughout.
  • Replacement of most pews with individual seats allowing flexible arrangements.
  • Enlarged welcome and circulation area at the back of the Church
  • Removal of existing choir stalls and replacement with moveable choir seating.
  • Relocation of the Kempe screen from the rear of the Church to underneath the west tower.
  • Retention of the memorial chapel, reredos and other historic features.
  • Upgrades to the heating, lighting, audio visual and electrical services.
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