Global Mission 

Reaching out into the world

A distinctive feature of life at All Saints over many years has been our strong links of support for our mission partners - members of the church who have been called out, sometimes overseas, for special service for God. Their contribution to our church life, and the extra awareness that they bring us of God’s mission field throughout the UK and in every corner of the earth, are invaluable. We will continue to look for ways to support those who are building God’s kingdom beyond the immediate environs of Lindfield and to support any from our fellowship who are sensing God’s call in this direction.

All Saints supports both Mission Projects and Mission Partners.  Our Partners are typically individuals or families sent out from our own congregation to serve both in the UK and further afield.  Projects are Christian organisations that are widely supported throughout our congregation prayerfully and financially that are deemed to fit with our Mission Action Plan - ‘Reach, Build, Send’ and merit our support. Together we commit to regularly praying for these Partners and Projects and also corporately provide practical and financial support if needed.

To help keep the church up to date, each Partner and Project has a personal link with one or two members of the All Saints congregation who undertake to be the main representatives, co-ordinating support and prayer requests.

Here is a list of our current Mission Partners and Projects:

Simon and Becky Lunt (Josiah, Carys and Benjamin)

Wendy Gerster


Diocese of South Rwenzori and Kagando Hospital, Uganda

Redeeming Our Communities (R.O.C)

Sussex Gospel Partnership (SGP)

Cross Mission, India

Five Talents

Family Support Work (FSW)

Caminul Felix

International bible training institute (IBTI)

Phil and Sarah Candy

Julian and Nicky Milson

Open Doors

University and Colleges Christian Fellowship (UCCF)

Pray for Vietnam

Lucy with YWAM

This weeks prayer focus:

Family Support Work (FSW)

  • Thanks for the ongoing support from All Saints, both in terms of financial contributions and support to the food bank and clothing/toy donations
  • In 2020, we will be looking for new members to the Cuckfield Deanery committee. We really hope to encourage new members on to the committee both from churches where we already have support and from churches within the deanery that don’t have people on the committee yet.
  • Please pray for new people to come forward to help and be involved with the charity.
  • In 2020, head office are applying for lots of new grants and funding initiatives, please pray that these are fruitful and allow FSW to deliver more support to vulnerable families in Sussex
  • Pray for the families that FSW continue support that they see the Lord’s love and kindness through their work.

 December 2019