Get Involved!


Get involved ... using your Talents, Gifts and Time.

Service is part of living as a Christian. It plays a huge part in our personal growth and discipleship. Our service is primarily an act of worship as we use the gifts, skills, talents and abilities that God has given us to build up the church. The bible teaches that everyone has a God-given gift. By discovering, developing and using our gifts, we grow stronger spiritually and we share in the church’s calling to extend God’s kingdom.

It is important to bear two things in  mind: first, the mission and ministry of the church is outwardly focused - our main task is to make the good news of Jesus known by word and by deed beyond the doors of the church to our community. But second, the smooth running of the church internally helps or hinders that main purpose. So, we must strive to do the best we can to build up the church, so that it can fulfil its main task of proclaiming the gospel. Both aspects need willing, wholehearted and enthusiastic workers who will act sacrificially in the Lord’s service.

All of us will want to take our part in building the church at All Saints and proclaiming the gospel. The key thing is that we put ourselves  - our time, possessions, energies and interests - at the Lord’s disposal. Like Samuel as a young boy, we will be praying “Speak Lord for your servant is listening”.

If you would like to get involved in any areas or have another question about getting more involved in the life of the church, please contact the church office or fill out this form:
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