Loosening Restrictions on our worship

Summer 2021

The government has recently removed legal requirements for churches to adhere to the now-familiar covid restrictions. This move is accompanied by a call to personal responsibility and an appropriate sense of caution.

During the six Sundays over summer (25 July - 29 August) we will be removing many of the restrictions on our services, whilst continuing to practice lower-level controls.

These policies will be reviewed in time for the start of Autumn term, to determine whether we will be able to remove remaining limitations.

Staying together on the journey

Across our church and wider society there will be differences of approach to a number of the restrictions, face coverings in particular. We encourage an attitude of respect and love towards one another as we journey through the coming season together. 

What will change from 25 July?

  • Congregation members are no longer required to wear a face covering.
  • People are free to sing with or without a mask; congregants will no longer be advised not to sing.

What will stay the same?

  • Services will be limited to 120 people, with online booking encouraged to help manage capacity. Extra measures to keep the building well ventilated will continue.
  • Chairs will remain unlinked so that they can be spaced out where this is preferred.
  • Services will continue in a shorter format (60 minutes or less).
  • Use of hand sanitiser will continue to be encouraged.
  • Communion will be distributed in one kind, where people are seated. Distributors will continue to sanitise hands and wear a face covering.
  • Anyone who has exhibited CV-19 symptoms or had a positive test, or been asked to isolate, is asked to remain at home.

If you remain anxious about attending services, then you are welcome to watch online or you might prefer our smaller 8am service. 

Laurence Trigwell & Katie Spensley
Church Wardens