<![CDATA[allsaints Lindfield - This week's focus]]>Wed, 16 Apr 2014 12:18:36 +0000Weebly<![CDATA[John and Priya Buzzard]]>Tue, 15 Apr 2014 12:05:56 GMThttp://www.allsaintslindfield.org/8/post/2014/04/john-and-priya-buzzard3.html John and Priya Buzzard with their two children Joseph and Ayesha have now been back in the UK for three months having left Zambia following God's clear call to return here to work for him. They are living in Southampton.
  • Please give thanks that Joseph has settled happily into his new school, is making friends and doing well
  • Give thanks for the amazing fellowship of friends that has formed around us so quickly with whom we meet and pray and share support, some are parents of children in the school
  • Please pray that our stolen laptops with all our Zambian files on might still be found and for the court case following the burglary due to occur in July
  • Pray that a suitable house will be provided for us to buy in the next few weeks, this would be a miracle from God as nothing seems available
  • Pray that we will be renewed and strengthened by the Spirit as we wait patiently for the right way forward to the work we believe God is calling us.

<![CDATA[Five Talents]]>Thu, 10 Apr 2014 11:40:12 GMThttp://www.allsaintslindfield.org/8/post/2014/04/april-10th-2014.htmlPicture
Five Talents is an Anglican microfinance charity working in marginalised communities of the world.  Supporters invest in enterprising individuals through business training, village savings and small loans. This ’hand-up’ rather than a ‘hand-out’ is creating jobs and transforms lives among the poor in twelve countries.

Business loans average £56 and repayment rates typically range between 90-95%. Working with local Anglican partners, Five Talents provides smaller loans, to poorer people, in riskier communities.

Please give thanks for:
  • Stuart Palmer’s, Five Talents’ new chief executive, recent trip to Kenya and Uganda to see for himself the impact his new organisation is having on the ground
  • Lydia’s (a Five Talents’ client) changed life whereby she doubled the turnover of her porridge drink business and her children are now well fed and in school.

Please pray for:

  • That Five Talents’ can deliver its target - a return on donor’s gifts of over 50 times as measured in benefits delivered on the ground.
  • For the Brownings’ trip to Kasese, Uganda, in May – that they are kept safe and that the training they provide will be useful to those who attend their courses.

<![CDATA[April 03rd, 2014]]>Thu, 03 Apr 2014 15:13:27 GMThttp://www.allsaintslindfield.org/8/post/2014/04/april-03rd-2014.html While the number of Christians in this part of the country is small, government officials have seen hope in the work of a pastor, a former drug addict, among those in a government rehabilitation centre. As a result they have given not just permission but encouragement for all the inmates to join in the meetings the pastor and his helpers run and specific instructions that no one is to discourage their participation. 
  • Pray as Ian speaks three times in the UK, then at eight events in Switzerland and Germany between March 29th and April 14th.
  • Pray for those involved in the recent time of orientation, to know God’s directing and enabling as they serve here. 
  • Pray for us we seek to encourage the team here
  • Pray for our son Peter and his wife Taryn as they prepare for the birth of their first child and our first grandchild.

<![CDATA[Isubilo ]]>Thu, 27 Mar 2014 10:33:34 GMThttp://www.allsaintslindfield.org/8/post/2014/03/isubilo4.htmlPicture
We thank God for His continuing guidance and for many encouragements to us all at Isubilo.
 Chris and Heidi Khon  came from the States with their four young boys wanting to be involved in children’s and young people’s ministry in Zambia. They have been working with us  for the past few weeks , especially with the children , while seeking the way ahead. They now feel that they should be spending the majority of their time with, and become part of the work at Isubilo  and they will be taking on more responsibilities. This has been a great encouragement to the management team.

It has just been decided that Isubilo is to be the host charity to partner with Global Child Dental Fund which will be spearheaded by Chonde, who has been the Isubilo dentist for a number of years. Dental students from the Dental School will be coming to do practicals under  Chonde’s supervision, attending to Isubilo children and many others in the surrounding townships.

We thank God for answered prayer for the safe return of the mill rollers which had been sent to South Africa for sharpening. They are now fitted and the mill continues to provide much needed income for us.

We would like to say a big thank you to All Saints for  prayer and financial support, helping us to bring the light and love of Jesus into our needy townships.

Andy and Team

<![CDATA[Hans-Ueli and Wendy Gerster]]>Thu, 20 Mar 2014 10:10:27 GMThttp://www.allsaintslindfield.org/8/post/2014/03/hans-ueli-and-wendy-gerster2.htmlPicture
  • Give thanks for helpful medical advice and caring doctors
  • Pray for wisdom in life and that we may glorify God in everything. We return to Japan for  six weeks from the end of March to clear up stuff we stored there for an eventual return to the field and to say our goodbyes.
  • Glad of prayer for emotional and physical strength, good health and sleep, and also that God might make us a blessing to those we meet there, both believers and not-yet believers.
  • Pray for Andreas and Elisabeth whilst we’re gone.

<![CDATA[March 13th, 2014]]>Thu, 13 Mar 2014 12:36:49 GMThttp://www.allsaintslindfield.org/8/post/2014/03/march-13th-2014.htmlPicture
Thanks for:
  • Renovation of the church guest house to provide four self-contained rooms (young people from All Saints’ stayed in this guest house when new in 1999).
  •  Successful completion of internet installation at Kisinga Divinity College.

Please pray for:
  • Successful visa applications for Canon Josephat, All Saints’ main contact, and Rev. Alice Nabire (previously an All Saints’ supported theological student) to visit Romsey, where the church also supports South Rwenzori diocese.
  • The appropriate balance for Canon Josephat between his duties as Diocesan Secretary and the counselling course he is undertaking to help him in supporting vulnerable families among the congregation and staff.
  • A means to complete the large property/site owned by the church in Kasese town in order to obtain rental income to assist payment of staff salaries.
  • The theological students who have already gone to colleges for the new semesters and those for lay readership who are just starting courses (2 for ordination training and 5 for lay readership to be supported by All Saints’ this academic year).
  • Kagando hospital, continuing to face an uphill struggle with the hospital finances as costs of treatment exceed income from patient fees. The rural population is unable to afford the real cost of treatment.

<![CDATA[IBTI - The International Bible Training Institute]]>Thu, 06 Mar 2014 10:35:03 GMThttp://www.allsaintslindfield.org/8/post/2014/03/march-06th-2014.htmlPicture
The International Bible Training Institute, based in Burgess Hill West Sussex is a training centre in applied theology.

At the college, there are approximately 35-50 students each year, who come from all over the world; usually about 20 different nations are represented, bringing with them a great mix of culture, personalities and vibrant lifestyle.
Former students serve in a huge variety of work: from preaching and teaching, evangelism, education programmes, TV, radio and IT fields, children and youth work, social work, relief and help to many deprived and varied groups of people.

  • Give thanks that the first phase of the building project is complete. A vision of the late John Wilderianne’s 6 years ago.
  • Pray for ‘Vision 500 appeal, 500 partners to each commit to raising £1,000 towards the second phase of the building project.
  • Pray for the main cook, Gaston having served at IBTI for 10 years is struggling with his health.
  • Give thanks for the 6 month course attended by some of the new students
  • Give thanks for the success of several ’out reaches’ by  students giving their testimonies. 

<![CDATA[February 27th, 2014]]>Thu, 27 Feb 2014 12:14:16 GMThttp://www.allsaintslindfield.org/8/post/2014/02/february-27th-2014.htmlPicture

Praise God for many remarkable openings and so many answered prayers in 2013, we look forward to much more in 2014! A massive thank you to you all for your prayer support throughout the  year. Our God reigns!

Prayer Points:

Chichester: For the ROC Bus project that will provide a platform for local churches to reach out to their communities. We are now close to securing a bus and have the full support of local  churches, Sussex Police, the council and a number of local  partners in the business community. Please pray for all the necessary planning as the project takes shape.  

London: For the young people’s mentoring scheme in Newham, pairing Christians with young people referred by the Police. Pray for those being mentored and for wisdom and guidance for the mentors. Pray too for  protection as this work develops. Also for the ROC Café youth club project in Tulse Hill, that we will get the volunteers we need and that the café will have a  real   impact in the local  community. 

Manchester: Breightmet—praise God for the ROC Café there which has seen many people on the estate come to faith, pray that the Lord  will continue to bless and prosper the work.

Lindfield: After much prayer, a new venture is to start in Lindfield. This is a joint initiative between ROC and the three Lindfield churches and is aimed at those who are 55 plus. Please pray that all the arrangements will come together well and watch ASN for further details

<![CDATA[Sussex Gospel Partnership]]>Thu, 20 Feb 2014 11:37:08 GMThttp://www.allsaintslindfield.org/8/post/2014/02/february-20th-2014.html Picture
  • Give thanks for the “Lovewise” team who have opportunities to teach in schools on sex, relationships and medical ethics from a Christian viewpoint. Please pray for the young people who have taken part in these discussions already and especially for Christian youngsters as they seek to live out their faith in a secular context.
  • Pray for opportunities for the “Lovewise” team to go into new schools across the county with their message. There have been some encouraging conversations recently but these have not yet led to new opportunities in schools.
  • On Saturday 1st March there is another “Come and See” training morning for SGP churches. The subject is “Teaching the Old Testament to Children and Young People”. Please pray for those attending, including a group from ASL, that they may be stimulated and encouraged.
  • Pray that they may be more effective in teaching God’s word as a result.

<![CDATA[Opera Brava]]>Sun, 16 Feb 2014 10:49:06 GMThttp://www.allsaintslindfield.org/8/post/2014/02/opera-brava6.htmlPicture
We give thanks for the 5 education projects, including 3 new schools, over the next few months.  Please pray for Prince Caspian going into Birchwood Grove school Feb 24th - 28th and an Easter Holiday project at Great Walstead School of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe April 7th - 11th.  Pray that these stories will touch the hearts of both the children and adults involved.

Please pray for the new composition of a children's opera, commissioned by Opera Brava, 'Journey of a Lifetime' being written at this very moment!  We are planning to launch the Journey of a Lifetime (based on A Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyon) in the October half-term at All Saints' Lindfield.  We are very excited about this and hoping to bring together many children from families both within and outside the Church.  Praise God we now have the funding to do this project.  Please pray for the planning and the opportunity to bring enjoyment and a real witness of God's love through this piece.

Lastly, please can we ask you to continue to pray for us (Mandy & Bronek) this year as we are still recovering from 3 difficult years financially.   We have a plan and pray that God will show us His way through.  We know His ways are perfect.